JR. THOMAS (aka Thomas McDowall) is a songwriter, musician, vocalist and producer from Minneapolis. It seems that he developed a love of classic Jamaican music at a young age, listening to such artists as Dave Barker, The Bleechers, The Wailers, Phyllis Dillon and Alton Ellis. Thus with his band, the Volcanos, he  cut a couple of well-received albums in that genre.

For his latest musical endeavour, however, Mr T has changed tack and, collaborating with his old Minneapolis pal, Albert Perez Jr., he’s crafted a sweet but searing soul ballad, ‘Reflections’. The track is credited to JR. THOMAS & CUTLASS CREAM, the band being Ray Jacildo on keys, Scott Abels on percussion/vibes, Zac Pike on guitar, Melvin ‘Spoon-E‘ Brannon Jr on bass, Albert Perez Jr on guitar and, naturally,  Jr. Thomas on vocals & guitar.

This ‘Reflections’ has a real low rider vibe and it’s out now on all digital / streaming platforms. A vinyl 45 of ‘Reflections’ will also be released on August 11th. The label is Mighty Eye by the way.