It was in March that CARMY LOVE floored the soul world with her magnificent debut single, ‘Thinkin’ About You’. The thing was it sort of came out of nowhere. Some soul anoraks knew that Londoner Ms Love had worked with New Street Adventure on their 2014 Acid Jazz album, ‘No Hard Feelings’. Others knew of her work with Cool Million, while that glorious voice betrayed her Gospel background.

The good news is that Carmy is today (May 28th) releasing  the follow up – another ab fab modern soul groove, ‘Rebel’ . Like ‘Thinkin’ About You’, ‘Rebel’ is a joyous and uplifting affair with another full-on gospel-fuelled vocal.

Interestingly the song is an old one – going back to Carmy’s time with New Street Adventure when it was always a live show highlight! The newly recorded  version captures the energy and excitement of the live shows  while  the lyrics feel unnervingly prescient, taking on an entirely different meaning today than when New Street Adventure were riding high.

‘Rebel’  is released across all digital streaming platforms today.  And for vinyl freaks it’s available in 7” with the still lovely ‘Thinkin’ About You’ on the flip. It’s a limited edition, though and we believe there’s just a handful left! Learn more @