MADZ JOHNSON is a Filipina/American singer/songwriter with a passion to take soul and funk back to her native Philippines! And on her current album, ‘Versatility’ there’s plenty of both flavours.

The concise ten tracker opens with a blistering ‘Boogie Down’ – an apt title in every way! There’s plenty more of the same fire on ‘Cut Them Loose’ and ‘Feel The Funk’. All rather obvious, of course, but all with bags of energy!

Ms J though shows her “versatility” on the mellower moments. The best of which are the Latino shuffle that is ‘Breakout’ and the sweet ‘Sunny Day’. The album’s lead single is the laid back ‘Sunset Love’ but the most attractive cut is the Tower of Power flavoured ‘Give It One More Try’ – big and brassy, brash even, but a little more restrained than some of the fierce funky cuts! Find out more @