Two recent US releases offer intriguing new looks at familiar and well loved soul classics. Causing a stir right now is a re-mix of the Temptations’ lovely 1971 ballad, ‘Just My Imagination’. The new mix comes via indie pop pairing “slenderbodies”. Their web site suggests they have a penchant for falsetto singing  which explains why they’ve decided to re-work ‘Just My Imagination’ –  which, of course, is a showcase for Eddie Kendricks.

This new mix strips the song right down and focuses on Eddie’s remarkable lead on the song that was to become his swansong with the Tempts. The US soul community seems to be split regarding the merits of this 21st century reading.

The second soul classic to enjoy a current makeover is Billy Stewart’s ab fab, 1965 ‘Sitting In The Park’. Georgia indie soul man BILL ALBRIGHT has just released a new song which is based on the chassis of the Stewart hit. Bill’s song is ‘Sitting By The Phone’ – so you sort of get the picture. It’s pleasant and sweet and a great tribute to the “Fat Boy” who was taken far too early. Not a lot is known about Mr Albright, save that his real name is Anthony Billis.