Fancy something a little left field to get you through this lovely hot spell? OK, may we point you to a rather odd, quirky  but catchy ‘Plastic Life’ from a duo who go by the name  of SUDDENLY WOW!. Theye are Darren Morris and Otti Albietz and the music they make is hard to define. There is a definite whiff of poppy disco about it but the vocal from Otti is a throwback to the sounds of bands like the Human League, OMD, Black et al. You know what I mean … vague and other worldly.. a little soul-less! And to confuse us even more, is that chinking guitar a sample from AWB’s ‘Pick Up The Pieces’?

That quirky, disconnected sound befits the message in the music. The song speaks of a shiny future filled with virtual reality headsets; a manufactured dystopia if you would. The duo say  the song is their attempt “to overcome their fears of Ai and robots”. OK…now you know.

If you wish to investigate something rather strange but with a charm all of its own then it’s out June 5th via Ramrock Record with a North Street West mix due on June 16th.