Back in September, we enjoyed a new release from Ghana-born but UK-based singer/songwriter, MYLES SANKO. It was the catchy ‘Freedom Is You’ which we were told was a track from his upcoming album, ‘Memories Of Love’. But don’t hold your breath, the LP won’t be here till Spring 2021 (Covid permitting!)

Anyway, to keep us on our toes Myles is set to release a new single (also on the album) at the start of November. It’s another uplifting, insistent little workout ‘Rainbow In Your Cloud’ and Sanko fans will be familiar with the song – it was always a highlight of his live shows. Myles is on top form here while the jazzy piano from Tom O’Grady is a real delight.

Myles Sanko ‘Rainbow In Your Cloud’ will be released November 6th on Legere Recordings