WILL “QUANTIC” HOLLAND’S latest album sees the mercurial and prolific musician offer a sumptuous ten tracks that set out to recapture the intimate quality of classic jazz and soul recordings.

Quantic’s more recent recordings were inspired by his passion for South American music … indeed for seven years he lived and worked in Colombia. In 2014 he relocated to New York where he rediscovered his love for instrumental jazz. He soon began composing new tunes and last year took some of his favourite players into an LA studio to record ‘A New Constellation’.

Holland says that the music on the long player “reflects the beginnings of living in a new city, a creative intermission and a desire to experiment with an instrumental jazz format on American soil.” Those new beginnings are symbolised in the album’s title track – a gentle, cinematic sweep featuring an evocative moog solo from long-time collaborator, Brandon Coleman.

The bumpier ‘Bicycle Ride’ salutes the many great cycle routes in New York City while ‘Jumble Sale’ was written in recollection of childhood rummaging – a hobby that led logically to crate digging and the many influences that have shaped Quantic’s music. It’s one of the LP’s most intriguing tracks.

QUANTIC PRESENTS THE WESTERN TRANSIENT; A NEW CONSTELLATION is released on True Thoughts Records on July 31st.