There are plenty of soul fans with a soft spot for that great oldie ‘I Can Prove It’. In both its Tony Etoria and Phil Fearon incarnations it’s a great memory jogger and right now there’s a new version to rival those venerable oldies.

This “new” ‘I Can Prove It’ comes via GOLDEN BRIDGE – the joint US/Japanese venture of producer Yuki “Monolog” Kanesaka and top remix producer Yuki “T-Groove” Takahashi. The recording is the pair’s follow up to their successful three track ‘TBC’ EP from last year.

Golden Bridge’s ‘I Can Prove It’ comes in two formats – cleverly dubbed “’77 Style” and “’86 Style”. Each version has a different vocalist – Lee Wilson and Leon Beal – but both feature full live instrumentation that includes the The Boston Chamber Orchestra who offer some proper Philly soul style.

The label by the way is Hong Kong Elevators and, keeping things retro, the music will only be available in limited edition clear 12″ vinyl. Release is expected in March.