LOS CHARLY’S ORCHESTRA are a London-based Latin music collective created and led by Venezuelan music producers Juan Laya and Jorge Montiel. They’ve been mainstays on the London music scene for a year or two now with a residency at Soho’s prestigious Floridita Club and their music’s been espoused by people like Craig Charles, Jose Padilla and Joey Negro.

Their last album ‘Rediscovering The Big Apple’ was an acclaimed Latin-tinged slab of dance floor action. Want more? Well the album’s just been reissued … but in a remixed format. The Los Charley’s gang have allowed a veritable United Nations of mixers and musos to reinvent their tunes. Amongst those let loose on the project are Scotland’s Al Kent, Bali’s Pete Herbert, Germany’s Renegades Of Jazz, Australia’s Cy Gorman, Venezuela’s Pocz, Greece’s Captain Futuro and China’s (yes China!) Shanghai Horses Sabotage.

The Chinese team get one of two shots at ‘Rediscovering The Big Apple’ (the original LP’s title tune) and they imbue it with a weird kind of Eastern techno mysticism blended with classic disco sounds. And if it’s classic glitter ball music you want look no further than Al Kent’s tweak on ‘All I Wanna Do’ – complete with his signature beefy bass line. Different again is the hip-hop flavoured version of the jazz standard ‘Jumping With Symphony Sid’. This one comes courtesy of Captain Futuro.

‘Los Charley’s Orchestra; Remixed’ is out now and comes as a download or as a 6 track vinyl LP.