The GROOVE ASSOCIATION’S GEORGIE B isn’t one to rest on his laurels. During the lockdown he’s been busy-working and re-mixing tracks from his last album, the ab fab ‘It’s Been So Long’.

Just last month our man offered us a new look at ‘It Should Have Been You’ and now he’s all set to release two new mixes on ‘You Promised Me Love’. The original album mix was a sweet and slinky ballad but on both new tweaks George ups the tempo to create two quite lovely, optimistic sunshine filled versions – no wonder he calls the two mixes “Summer Carnival” and “Summer Party”. To help create the summer vibe, George skilfully incorporates that catchy riff from Dennis Brown’s ‘Love Has Found Its Way’. Indeed there’s a delicious hint of the Caribbean throughout both mixes.

God knows, right now we all need a generous dollop of sun and summer optimism… Georgie and his Groove Association are doing their little bit to help right here. The music is available from George’s web site –