Last month we heralded a fab modern soul compilation from the REEL PEOPLE MUSIC crew. Over the last few years the label has established itself as a major player on the UK soul scene and if any confirmation of that is needed then just check out the collection. ‘SOUL LOVE 2014’ – which is now fully available from all the usual internet download portals. It’s stuffed full of the very best modern soul, yep… like it says on the tin “the finest, truest definition of modern soul yet…. a cornucopia of exquisite grooves, musicianship and emotions”.

Amongst the featured artists are Eric Roberson, Marc Evans, Chris Turner, Tyrone Lee, Don E and the great Tony Momrelle whose wonderful ‘Spotlight’ is now acknowledged as one of the great Brit soul tracks of recent years

The set also boasts a number of exclusive Reel People remixes – notably a groove-heavy tweak of Muzart’s ‘The Party After’, a bass-led recreation of L Young’s ‘I Love My Girl’ and a lovely ultra danceable revision of The Layabouts’ ‘Colours Of Love’ . Check out too Debra Debs’ ‘Love Galore’. This girl’s on her way to being a big star (go to our interview archive for more on her). Also noteworthy are ‘It’s Hard’ from the wonderfully named Restless Soul Fun Band and Louise Golbey’s deceptively simple ‘Comfortable’. In truth though dip in anywhere and proper soul fans won’t be disappointed.

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