Ace/Kent’s ‘Mod Jazz’ compilation series has been one of the label’s longest running and most successful franchises. There are already eight groovy little albums in the series and they’re now joined by number nine… and the quality, freshness, interest and vitality of the new set is right up there with the previous eight.

Fans of the series will know its mission statement. If you don’t then it’s quite simple. The idea is to present the best of 60s jazz in an attempt to create the smoky early 60s atmosphere of the UK’s cellar clubs – the spawning ground of that most esoteric of creatures, the British urban mod… and with a current revival in all things mod, the scene is set for ‘Mod Jazz And Then Some’ to become a big seller.

Amongst the artists represented here are Floyd White, Shirley Scott, Eric Kloss, The Miles Grayson Trio, Billy Larkin and dear old King Curtis. Mr. Ousley weighs in here with an atmospheric ‘Free For All’ cut for Tru Sound in 1961. It’s a great slab of classic 60s soul-jazz – the flavour of most everything here but listen up too to B B King’s bluesy instrumental ‘Poontwangie’ or the obviously Latino-flavoured ‘Bossa Baby’ from Googie Rene and his Combo. Like everything here it’s been carefully selected to get those penny-loafered feet tapping!

MOD JAZZ AND THEN SOME is out now on Kent Records.