One of the year’s best albums so far has been LRK’s ‘Get It Right’ from Canadian soul singer Claire Davis. Now amongst the backing singers on the set was a fellow Torontonian (is that the adjective for someone from Toronto?) APHROSE.

We’ve learned that Aphrose (real name Joanna Mohammed) is herself a key member of the Canadian  soul scene  with one solo album under her belt and another on it’s way. Her talent attracted the attention of LRK head boy Liam Kenney who’s licensed a track from that upcoming album for a single release on LRK. Tune  in question is a sweet and lovely soul ballad, ‘Good Love’ which Mr. K describes as “ a bridge between the golden age of soul and the sound of today”. We wouldn’t argue… it’s a good ‘un with  lovely horn solo at the end and you can learn more @

The good new is that LRK will also be issuing Aphrose’s full album (vinyl and digital) along with a 7″ 45!