CASTELLA, a new name to us, is a US soulstress who works out of Long Beach, California. Her roots are in gospel but a few years back she trod the path that so many have done before – she embraced secular music. She says: I am a gospel singer to the core, but for some reason, for this project, God gave me love songs and ain’t nothing wrong with love!”. The project she refers to is her latest single – a lovely, lilting, gentle but soulful ‘So Glad I Met You’ .

The song was written by Castella with Jeff Canady who also produces. The tune is enhanced by some sweet muted horn from award winning trumpeter Willie Bradley and vocally Ms C is in top form with a delivery betraying her gospel roots. Like gospel/soul greats before, she displays the God-given gift of switching  from power to smoother, softer tones in an instant. ‘So Glad I Met You’ is already making waves and it’s out now!