Back in February, the wonderful SHIRLEY JONES charmed with her  family tribute album, ‘Reflections’ (see .

One of the focus cuts was the lost Philly classic – ‘Baby Don’t Go Yet’. This tune was recorded 45 years ago when the Jones Girls were in their pomp . It was/is  classic Philly, crafted  from all the wonderful PIR ingredients that we know and love. But for whatever reasons Gamble and Huff chose never to release it. It lay in the vault  till it won a limited  release – most notably on an Expansion  collectors’ single. Then, of course, it was embedded in ‘Reflections’ for all to enjoy!

‘Baby Don’t Go Yet’ has just been released as a stand alone single and for those who lack pace and stamina , there’s a radio edit that trims a minute off  the original!