BEN COX, a graduate of London’s Guildhall School Of Music, is a rising star of the UK jazz scene and he releases his debut album, ‘This Waiting Game’ on April 13th. Jazz taste makers are ready to bet that though Ben’s now only known to a select coterie of jazz insiders (Jamie Cullum’s a fan), by the Summer young Ben will be a “name”.

The evidence is in the 12 tracks of ‘This Waiting Game’. A collaboration with pianist Jamie Sarifuddin, the set is remarkably accomplished and builds on the traditions that people like the aforementioned Jamie Cullum have established . The album’s title track is a real gem and has all the charm and discreet insinuation that Norah Jones’ ‘Don’t Know Why’ had. The album offers plenty of surprises too – like the old English folksy ‘Country Song’ and two intriguing covers. First there’s a haunting reading of the Beatles’ ‘And I Love Her’; then, a lovely take on the standard ‘A Nightingale In Sang Berkley Square’. For that one Ben is joined by UK jazz doyenne Claire Martin. Other guests on the album include Kirk McElhinney and Emily Dankworth. They bring variety to the set but holding it all together is Cox’s intimate and captivating delivery. Find out more @