Latest compilation from Germany’s Tramp records is another in their ‘Peace Chant’ series. CD-wise, the 15 tracker is volume 2, while on double vinyl, it will be volumes 3 and 4 (I think!). Whatever, the music on the new round-up is every bit as eclectic and wide reaching as anything that’s gone before on previous ‘Peace Chant’ collections. That’s to say you can expect intriguing and challenging music from what the Tramp people call “the spiritual jazz diaspora.”

Again, few of the featured artists are that well-known… amongst the names are the Lenny Marcus Trio, Roland Hayes, Jue Farmer, the Wayne Powell Octet, the Niambi Jazz Band and Rama Dyushambee whose ‘Heal It!’ is an album highlight – shades of dear old Oscar Brown Jr.

Tramp says: “Peace Chant is the centre of the mandala, representing the nucleus of the post-bop, modal jazz, Avant Garde, transrectal virtual, ethnic and freedom music universe without necessarily suggesting anything immediately identifiable as any of the above”. If you’re intrigued you can check it all out when the compilation is released on Tramp on November 13th.