There wasn’t much opportunity to go big in 2020 but one of the BIG tunes was ‘Party People’ from CRYSTAL WATERS and DJ SPEN. I guess it reminded us of what we were missing; then to add to that feeling, in the autumn, the tune  resurfaced in a slew of new mixes with the MicFreak Disco mix winning all the accolades. With a lovely laidback intro, atmospheric handclaps, sweeping strings and live guitar and bass, it really did  capture the real spirt of disco.

Now proving that you can’t keep a boss tune down, ‘Party People’ is back amongst us in a fresh new mix courtesy of Michael Gray who dresses the original in sweet and lovely Philly flavours. It quite shimmers and comes with a big thumbs up from SJF!

If you’re quick, it’s out now via Traxsource with full release July 30th. The label is Quantize.