To say DEAN PARRISH is a Northern soul legend is something of an understatement. His evergreen ‘I’m On My Way’ was a Wigan Casino staple. It’s place in music history secured by being one of the famous “3 at 8” closing tunes  and, indeed, it was last record ever played before the wrecking crew got their hands and machines on that hallowed old venue.

In a long career though, Parrish (born Phil Anastasi) has done much more than that one song. Often using his real name, he recorded profusely and he’s also enjoyed acting success (catch him ‘The Sopranos’), but it’s his rare “Parrish” music that he will be remembered for – especially “up North”.

Now almost out of the blue our Dean is due for a comeback of sorts with a new release on Acid Jazz Records. Tune in question is the oddly named ‘It’s Time – Purple Mountain Majesty’ and that title should give you a clue to the sound of the record. Acid Jazz head boy, Eddie Piller calls it “a towering slice of psychedelic soul, that references the work of Norman Whitfield and like those records, comes with a powerful message.” Eddie provocatively adds that he thinks its Parrish’s best record ever!

We’re not entirely sure of the records’ provenance and you can make up your own minds about whether it’s s the singer’s best when it wins full 7” vinyl release on 5th February. It’s controversial for sure and a far cry from the simple beauty of ‘I’m On My Way’. If you’re going to check it out, be quick – the release comes in a strictly limited edition.

DEAN PARRISH; ‘It’s Time – Purple Mountain Majesty’/ Instrumental version out February 5th on Acid Jazz.