‘Overload’ is the debut album from jazz fusion trio THE MAY FALL CREW. They are May Fall (piano/keys/vocals), Nive Majar (drums) and Itay Tsarfati (bass) and the 12 track album offers a diverse take on the genre.

On tunes like ‘Alma Obscura’ and ‘Recharge’ they generate an atmospheric exotica while on things like ‘Overload’ and ‘Tome Exapnder’ the benchmark is classic multi-layered jazz fusion. A touch poppier (but not “pop”) is the bouncy vocal that is ‘Mood Swinger’ for which a video is set for release. I guess it’s the album’s first focus track, though it’s not representative of the albums overriding flavour.

MAY FALL CREW; OVERLOAD is released on Refeel Music on 25th November.