‘Front Porch Love’ is the latest single from ROYCE HALL (real name Chinyelu Alimayu). Mr Hall is an Atlanta-based new age soul man who describes his music as “Dapper Liberation Soul”. He says that he creates in order to save lives via his art, and he travels a number of avenues to do so, be it as a recording artist, actor, screenplay writer, poet, photographer or sketch artist. He relies on self-expression to discuss his internal struggles, the battles he conquered, the responsibility of creating safe spaces for other artists and community in general, social justice/ political concerns, the importance of Black love and so much more.  So now you know!

If you want to investigate further ‘Front Porch Love’ is a catchy, neo-soul groove with a light and sweet vocal and a jazzy scat intro.  Royce describes it as a soulful call for the manifestation and affirmation of long-standing, deep-south, down-to-the-bone, sweet love. It’s out now