‘Out Of Dust’ is the new album from Canadian vocalist LAILA BIALI. In many ways the 11 tracker is her “comeback” set. Winning the 2019 JUNO jazz award for best vocal album, Ms Biali went on to endure some tough times… the deaths of friends and family members and a debilitating health challenges, but she tells us that the concept and many of the songs for ‘Out Of Dust’ came out of those challenges. So, co-produced by her husband, drummer Ben Wittman, the 11 tracker is brimming with optimism.

Ms B says that ‘Out Of Dust’ is “a celebration of life” and that’s apparent from the very first track – ‘Revival’. Big and brassy… the title says it all. Even in the quieter moments, there’s a real confidence. Amongst those quieter moments are the French language ‘ Au Pays De Cocagne’ and a cover of Gregory Porter’s beautiful ‘Take Me To The Alley’.

Helping Laila deliver are people like saxophonist John Ellis and F Godwin Louis while avid sleeve b note readers will notice the name of Lisa Fischer. The one time Luther Vandross collaborator features on three tunes… notably the roistering ‘Sugar’.

LAILA BIALI; ‘Out Of Dust’ is out on ACT Records March 27th