JOEY OSCAR is a drummer/percussionist who hails from St Louis. His day job is playing in the band that works for Daystar Television Network, an award winning, faith-based network that spreads their Gospel 24 hours a day, seven days a week – all around the globe!

In what down time he has, Joey has been working on his own music project – a five track EP, ‘We Are One’ that has just won release. Joey says that the mini album was “birthed through much experience and inspired by love and life. Each song will capture the hearts of the listener and speaks to the soul”.

Helping Joey give shape to his ideas are Grammy Award Winning Guitarist Mark Lettieri and Bobby Sparks on keys. Given Joey’s background, you’d be right in guessing that there are messages in his music – like the searing, soulful ‘Let It Go’ though modern room dancers might want to investigate ‘True Love’ .