PETE MOLINARI is British singer/songwriter who now works Stateside where he’s preparing the release of his sixth studio album – ‘Wonderous Afternoon’, (above) which, were told, channels a classic blue-eyed soul sound.

If the blue-eyed soul quality of the LP’s lead single is anything to go by,  then the album will be worth investigating by followers of the genre

Single in question is a gentle and insinuating, ‘Only When I Love’. The song was written simply on the acoustic guitar but it seems that Pete and producer Luca Sapio share a passion for the music of a certain Smokey Robinson and that’s the sound they set out to deliver.

See if they succeeded by checking out ‘Only When I Love’ which is  good to go now via Blind Faith Records. ‘The Wonderous Afternoon’ album follows on November 10th.