SYMPLI WHITNEY (Whitney Marshall who hails from Springfield Massachusetts) has been on the UK/Euro soul radar since 2017. She’s released an impressive slew of singles, EPs and a couple of albums. Her last outing was last autumn’s oddly titled EP ‘45th Chapter’. That title was never fully explained but the 3 tracker impressed with its downtime music  which Sympli called “a soundtrack to take the listener through various stages of intimacy”.

Prior to that, in the depths of the lockdown, Ms Marshall had released a four track EP, ‘Sleepless’ but for all kinds of reasons it sort of  got lost – I guess in the height of the pandemic, folks had other things on their minds.

Well, Sympli’s people have decided to re-promote ‘Sleepless’ and it should prove popular with those who enjoy 80s style flavoured dancers in the manner of, say, Teena Marie. Catchiest item on offer is the pacey ‘Complete’ while ‘Law N Order’ is another dancer with a funky undertow. ‘Dance With Me’ needs no explanation  here save that don’t expect the beats to be too frantic. The EP’s slowie is ‘Funk Love’ – very pleasing!