‘One Hand, One Bounce’ is the quirky title of the latest single from eclectic Aussie soul/funk/jazz band KARATE BOOGALOO. An off shoot of the Melbourne outfit The Cactus Channel, we’ve tracked their progress over the last year or so and though it’s never been confirmed we’re guessing that they take their name from Jerry O’s classic 60s soul cut ‘Karate Boogaloo’.

However, ‘One Hand, One Bounce’ is a far cry from the simple, joyous up-tempo optimism of that soul classic; it’s a moody and sombre instrumental with an introspective dynamic. The track is being released to flag up the band’s upcoming album, ‘Hold Your Horses’ (above) – due  May 17th via Colemine and we’re told that this “spacious introspection” is the album’s calling card.