LOVESCENE is a Manchester-based, contemporary soul collective. They’re marshalled by Pops Roberts and amongst the troupe are rapper Blind Mac,  violinist Harry-Fausing Smith and New Orleans muso Gary “Cornwater” Washington.

Listeners to the more esoteric soul and jazz stations might have caught snatches of Lovescene music while the band are regulars on the festival and club circuit especially “up North”.

Right now Lovescene are gearing up to release their debut album. It’s to be self-tilted and will be good to go from April 1st. Band leader, Roberts explains the album’s theme:  “I personally had a time when I was in a horrendous romantic situation, which almost wiped out my self-esteem entirely – but the entire journey back from that dark place was actually kind of joyful. I can feel this in all over the album. Above all else, I just want it to be as joyful as our crowds are on the dance floor.”

Indeed sneak previews reveal the album is full of optimism and messages of self-discovery wrapped in a soundscape that is blend of neo-soul and old school flavours reminiscent of early Incognito and the Brand New Heavies. Giving the album a unity is the powerful vocals of gospel-trained Yvonne Shelton, Gloria Bharda-Singh and Tricia Ramarozafy. Stand out track right now sounds to be the head-nodding, foot-tapping ‘Now You Wanna’  while the best ballad is the harmonic builder that is ‘Silver’ which sees the trio of vocalists deliver soulfully and sensually. Little wonder that the Lovescene team have chosen ‘Silver’ as the album’s lead single.