Over the past few years actor MARTIN FREEMAN and Acid Jazz Record label boss EDDIE PILLER have collaborated on a number of music compilations. One of the most successful was 2018’s ‘Jazz On The Corner’. Its success has prompted the duo to once more dig and delve and they’ve come up with a second volume which (the lockdown notwithstanding), available on July 3rd.

Like volume one, ‘JAZZ ON THE CORNER TWO’ is an esoteric sweep of the jazz world, reflecting the duo’s love and knowledge of the genre. The 24 tracks aren’t ordered chronologically; they meander and the set’s the better for that. There are plenty of big names on offer…. George Benson, Chet Baker, Nina Simone, Gene Ammons, Les McCann and Horace Silver amongst them. They line up with lesser known players like Emmanuel K Rahim, Lyman Woodward and Lorez Alexandria whose contribution is a fresh take on the standard ‘Nature Boy’. Good too to see Brian Auger included alongside the big jazz names. His track is ‘Freedom Jazz Dance’.

This album may not attract venerable, grey-bearded jazz buffs but as a jazz primer (like volume 1) it’s excellent and in these dark times, it’s important to remind ourselves of how potent music can be to uplift our spirits… if you doubt that,  grab a listen here to Lonnie Liston Smith’s ‘Summer Days’.

‘Jazz On The Corner Two’ is set for release on July 3rd.