Like many artists genial UK jazz crooner has been busy during the various lockdowns. Indeed he’s managed to record two EPs, the second of which has just won release. It’s a six tracker that once again betrays Gary’s love of film and stage musicals music. Imaginatively titled ‘ Stage And Screen’, the songs are a swinging ‘Sunday in New York’, the perennial ‘Unchained Melody’, ‘If Ever I Would Leave You’ from ‘Camelot’,  ‘The Jungle Book’s’ ‘I Wanna be Like You’ (on which Gary shows off his Italian), Monty Python’s ‘Always Look on the Bright Side Of Life’ and the ever-wonderful ‘Blue Moon’ on which Gary displays his mastery of the crooners’ craft.

Gary’s previous EP was the four track ‘Heroes And Villains’ where, again, he finds inspiration in movie songs like ‘Toy Story’s’ ‘You Got A Friend In Me ‘and the theme from ‘Spiderman – which, we’re told was a big tune on Radio Swizz Jazz!

Find out more @ www.garywiliams.co.uk