After 40 years in the business, Imagination main man, LEEE JOHN is still going strong. His music is constantly evolving as witnessed by his latest single, ‘Solitude’ – which despite its “singular” titling is a duet – with Brazilian Artist Jorge Vercillo. Leee says: “I was first introduced to Jorge Vercillo’s music by a Brazilian DJ friend of mine, who had suggested working together as I was looking to collaborate with  other interesting  creative Artists/Musicians on a new pending concept world music album adding their input from all over the world. Jorge Vercillo is an incredibly talented  Artist, a brilliant, passionate lyricist,  his beauty is seen in his body of work, a true inspiration. When I first heard his music  I immediately was in awe. Funny enough, prior to working on‘Solitude’ we started writing a different song together which I still have to present to him very soon however,  which then  gravitated creatively  to ‘Solitude’ which was a song I wrote and felt it really suited Jorge’s wonderful style and sung  so beautifully in Portuguese, it  just sounds amazing!”

The duo’s ‘Solitude’ is an atmospheric piece of work with a special haunting quality and though we believe the recording dates back to 2020. Leee is adamant that the song  is about “the here and now – a world emerging from a pandemic and re-finding focus”.

Mr John has also just released a 17 Cd box set to celebrate his 40 year career. It’s simply titled ’40 Years… Imagination featuring LEEE JOHN’. It’s available to order @ https://leeejohn.lnk.to/imagination40  and it contains all you’ll ever need on Imagination and Leee including plenty of rarities with a track ‘The Last Time’, featuring Kenny G winning plenty of support from the sophisticated soul crowd.