Latest release from the RANDY MULLER stable is a thumping dance number from a lady known as SHELIA.  Don’t know too much about her but she sure can belt out a tune… methinks, there’s maybe a gospel background in there!

Sheila’s song is ‘Oh My God!’ and it comes in a big, insistent No Doubt mix – named, I’m guessing from the repeated “Ain’t no doubt about it” mantra at the beginning. It’s brash, bold and in your face for the whole seven minutes plus! For the faint hearted there’s a radio edit while the tempo’s cranked up for the tougher, percussive  “Romatt” mix.

For the record Randy Muller is on vocal hooks, percussion and  old  school analogue synths and keys while Barry Johnson lays down a fat and funky bass line.

This ‘Oh My God!’ is good to go now via Traxsource with a full release in January via Plaza Records.