It’s been a great 2019 for TERRI GREEN and “project”. She kicked off with the #1 Uk Soul single ‘Night to Remember’; the band then topped multiple radio charts in the soul scene at #1, even earning Terri an Independent Soul Music artist Grammy nomination.

The album ‘What a Feeling’ hit the #1 Spot in the UK Soul chart in September and as Terri B (house diva!) she’s currently doing great things with the revamped Weather Girls on their single Cheek To Cheek’.

In all this Ms G has been working with sax man/producer Toddi Reed (Torsten Abrolat) and together they’ve just remxied the title track to ‘What a Feeling’ as a “discolovers” mix … and that’s exactly what it is. But why have one new mix when you can have a few? So right now you can enjoy ‘Feeling’ in mixes from Fontaine Burnett and Frank Star. Whatever you go for, feet will be tapping and heads a nodding right through the upcoming Festive Season!