KYSHONA (pronounced Kuh-SHAUN-Uh) describes herself as an “artist, songwriter, activist, music therapist and community connector”. All those roles meld on her upcoming album, ‘Legacy’ (above) which wins release on April 26th.

While we wait we can sample its message and sound via the single, ‘Carolina’. Ms K hails from South Carolina but now works out of Nashville but she’s penned  this song (with Brittney Spencer) as a love song – and a breakup letter – to her home state. She says: “My relationship with South Carolina is a complicated one. It was a hard place to grow up, but a beautiful place full of a cultural richness and family history to return to and visit. Sometimes, you need a little distance to understand the value of the place that raised you.”

This ‘Carolina’, which has input from Keb’ Mo,’ is a powerful affair – almost threatening in its intensity and the ‘Legacy’ album promises more of the same. We’re told  the long player sets out to capture the history, character, and honest stories of Kyshona’s ancestors so generations that come after will know their stories. She says: “This project is an invitation to others to do the same, in their own way”

While we wait for ‘Legacy’, ‘Carolina’ is released  this Friday, April 5th.

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