DEAN MARK is a London-based bassist/multi-instrumentalist whose latest single won plenty of plays in the run up to Christmas and,  now widely available , his cover of Roy Ayers’ ‘I Wanna Touch You Baby’ is well worth investigating.

Ayers’  fans will know that the song first appeared on the man’s 1978 LP, ‘You Send Me’, but here Dean puts a whole new spin on it. He eschews the sensuality, taking the tune right down to funk central  and guess what? To add some spice he even has Roy lend a hand delivering some sweet and tasty vibraphone fills and as an extra  bonus garlanded sax man, Najee is on hand too, blowing in a tougher, funkier fashion than we’ve come to expect from him. The feisty vocal’s down to London powerhouse Vula – a perfect foil to Dean’s voice!

Dean Mark’s version of ‘I Wanna Touch You Baby” is good to go now and comes recommended!