JOY DENALANE is acknowledged as Germany’s top soul singer. Proof? Well, she’s one of a very select few European artists to have been signed to Motown! Indeed, that’s the imprint for her latest album…. Let Yourself Be Loved’. The long player was first issued in the US and Germany last summer. Sales were excellent and associated streams were well over 10 million!

The good news is that the album is set for a full-on UK release in September. The new issue will be a “De Luxe” edition, featuring five brand new songs and an exclusive lavish 7″ box set with eight vinyls. 

To flag  up the release Joy has just released one of those new songs, ‘The Show’ – a classic, big, old school soul ballad with a message in the music. Joy says: “The song is about that moment when kids realize: After all, my parents are just as questionable and flawed as I am! When children become teenagers, their parents’ hero status is quite rightly questioned. I tell my children: Please forgive me, that I too am only a part of the show, a part of the system – and as such fallible. The song aims to soften the shock of that realization for the kids and help navigate them through the complexities of life.”  That lyrical vulnerability is matched all the way by Ms. Denalane’s sensitive rendition.

JOY DENALANE’S ‘The Show’ out May 28th. ‘Let Yourself Be Loved “De Luxe” edition’ follows September.