OCTOBER LONDON (real name Samuel Erskine) is a US soul man who impressed with his 2016 “presented by Snoop Dogg,” album ‘Color Blind Love’ which offered his quirky take on contemporary soul/R&B often layered over classic soul tunes like ‘Baby I’m For Real’ . And speaking of Marvin Gaye (he wrote the Originals’  song) the album saw Mr London do a more than credible impression of Marvin on songs like  ‘Slow Dance’ which brings us uncannily to October’s latest single, ‘Back To Your Place’ on which he channels (quite beautifully)  his inner MPG but he also builds the song on the chassis of ‘Distant Lover’- not totally you understand. He doesn’t want Gaye’s lawyers to come knocking , but just enough to give you the flavour.

It seems that ‘Back To Your Place’ first appeared on an album last year. However, we believe that the album was only available in one format – 8 track cartridge! Anyone remember them? Even odder, maybe, our soul sleuths tell us that those cartridges are now selling for daft money (to anyone draft enough to have the gear to play them!) Snoop Dogg is involved, so that may explain what’s going on … or maybe not!

Anyway we believe that the album will be available digitally very soon. We’ll  keep you posted ‘cos ‘Back To Your Place’ is rather special . Thanks again to Soul Strutting Mark Turner for unearthing this one. Find out more about this oddity@ https://soulstrutter.blogspot.com/2023/02/october-london-2023-back-to-your-place.html