Ghana-born but UK-based singer/songwriter, MYLES SANKO is all set to release the third album- heralding single from his upcoming ‘Memories Of Love’ collection.

We’ve already enjoyed the catchy ‘Freedom Is You’ and the uplifting, insistent ‘Rainbow In Your Cloud’ and now, matching the soulful quality of those two is the newie, ‘Streams Of Time’. Clocking in at just under six minutes, it begins as a gentle ballad highlighting the warmth and beauty of Sanko’s voice then develops into something a little more complex and tougher enhanced by some jazzy horn soloing building to a proper climax.

Myles suggests that the song, which he sees as a focus cut on the album, is perfect for these difficult times. “This song is about not wasting time and letting the important people in your life know that you love them very much. I feel I go through life so focussed on my goals that I forget to enjoy the here and now with the people I love. So, before my time comes to an end, I’d like to make peace with everyone I hold dear.” Amen Brother!

‘Streams Of Time’ out January 8th; ‘Memories of Love’ album out March 12th; Legere Recordings