Earlier this year London based musician JULIAN JONAH (a real vet – his best known outings are probably 1988’s ‘Jealousy and Lies’ and  ‘Hot To Touch’ from two years earlier) released a couple of tasty tracks.

First there was ‘Now’s The Time For Us’ – a lovely, soulful mid—tempo 80s flavoured groove with a convincing vocal from Tamika Tyan. The cherry on this little Bakewell was a luscious all  too short  jazzy  horn break!

JJ’s second release was a similarly flavoured ‘Comin’ Back For Your Lovin’’. A little more up-tempo than ‘Now’s The Time For Us’, this  cut was also rooted in 80s sensitivities  and featured a powerful vocal from  Ada Dyer who some will remember from her contributions on a couple of Norman Connors late Seventies albums. ‘Comin’ Back For Your Lovin’’ also has some lovely horn soloing!

Now the good news for lovers of that new-fangled vinyl stuff! The two tunes are set for 7” release via ever-dependable Izipho Soul. We’re told that  the release is pencilled in for November 18th and you can learn more and/or pre-order @