SUGARAY RAYFORD is a Texas-born, old school blues and soul man who’s been  impressing real soul fans  since his 2017 long player ‘The World That We Live In’ stormed out of the sales racks. It was the kind of album that many feared was long gone; it was full passion, commitment, fire, energy, sensitivity and authentic  soul. You’d have thought that Sugaray had been reared in the gospel tradition… and guess what? He had! For many years he was a cornerstone of the Texan Inspirational Youth Choir.

Thus we’re delighted to announce that Mr R has new album out very soon – ‘Human Decency’. It’s a big, raw melding of soul, blues and gospel and you can catch the flavour via the current single, a powerful, explosive ‘Ain’t That A Man’. It’s a real soul throwback – think classic Stax!

Lyrically, it tells the story of a woman who is tired of dealing with a partner who isn’t quite what she hoped for and here he’s getting his last chance to “man up”. However, it’s the monumental soundscape and the fierce vocal that grabs you by the you know whats! We’re looking forward to the album for more of this!