KEVIN FINGIER is an Argentinean music maker and producer; he’s also a self-confessed mod and serious soul and jazz collector and, more importantly a  fan! Over the last couple of years he’s enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with the UK’s Acid Jazz label who, through their distributed Fingier Records, have released a series of fine singles and an album, ‘El Sondido De Fingier Records’ (we think that means “the Sound of Fingier Records) on Kevin.

That pairing  have just released a brand new album – rather oddly (we think) titled ‘Not Strictly Soul’  (it is rather soulful; hooray for irony!) and like the last album it’s credited to THE KEVIN FINGIER COLLECTION and (again, like ‘El Sondido’) it’s a heady melding of Classic Soul, Northern Soul, Mod Jazz, R&B, Boogaloo and Funk with a real 60s flavouring.

Kev’s Collective this time around numbers Diane Ward, Jo Ann Hamilton, Josi Dias,  Senegalese musician Abdoulaye Badiane and reggae legend Derrick Harriot. Harriott features on the big, booming ‘Foreword’ which opens proceedings. Here he explains where Kevin Fingier’s coming from and what the album’s all about before the boogaloo beats of ‘Midnight Walk’ herald track 2. This instrumental evokes the very best of 60s mod-jazz. There’s the same driving groove on the flute and vibes led ‘Dumia Doman Doman’ This is  the cut that features the aforementioned Abdoulaye Badiane. Don’t know what he’s singing about but he sure sounds good! More hip instrumentals  come in the form of ‘El Popcorn’, ‘Round 2am’ and ‘Groovin’ In Soho’.

There’s plenty of vocals too and each has plenty to offer. The Jo-Ann Hamilton fronted ‘Only For Me’ is a real mid-tempo  beauty. A proper 60s throwback, from the opening bars you’ll hear how much Kevin Fingier loves and knows his classic soul. Ms Hamilton is joined by Diane Ward and Josi Dias  on the pacier  ‘My Heart Is Burning’ while  Ms Ward’s out on her own on the gritty, Northern flavoured ‘I Really Care’ .  

So, back to where we  came in. For an album titled ‘Not Strictly Soul’   there’s plenty of soul! The LP’s sub-title is much more apposite – “This album has 1,000 tons of soul, R&B, funk and jazz”. Seconded!

The KEVIN FINGIER COLLECTIVES’ Not Strictly Soul’    is out now and watch out for an upcoming interview with Kevin here @ SJF.