NORAH JONES’ latest album is a collaboration with Green Day front man, Billie Joe Armstrong… and for both artists the album seems a departure from their respective usual sounds and styles.

The pair has chosen to recreate the Everly Brothers classic 1958 album, ‘Songs Our Daddy Taught Us’. That long player was the brothers unique, country flavoured interpretation of traditional American folk songs like ‘Barbara Allen’, ‘Roving Gambler’ and ‘Put My Little Shoes Away’.

The Jones/Armstrong collaboration – entitled ‘Foreverly’ – is both an unashamed tribute to Americana and homage to the wonderful contribution which Don and Phil Everly have made to popular music.

‘Foreverly’ is out now on Warner Brothers records…. and if you’re interested, and we think you should, the original (and superior) Everly Brothers album ‘Songs Our Daddy Taught Us’ is still available- having been reissued by Ace Records.