Though we’ve learned that  Atlanta-based singer/songwriter ROGER HILL is something of a soul veteran, we only became acquainted with him this summer via his singles, ‘I Will Love You’ and the Cherrelle duet ‘All The Love I Need’ both of which were credited to ROGERHILL MUSIC (yes, no gap, not a typo!)

We were told that the singles heralded an album. Well, no sign of that just yet but Roger has released a 3 track EP with the focus cut being ‘Nobody Knows’ . It’s a smooth, soulful slow jam – which seems to be Roger’s forté. He tells us that his musical mission is to bring back that sound to the forefront of American Black Radio soul. Given current trends that’s a tough task but Mr H is giving it a really good go on a tune that has more than a hint of the Isley Brothers about it.

The new EP’s two other tracks are ‘Your Heart My Heart’ and another helping of the aforementioned ‘I Will Love You’ – both, again with a definite whiff of the Isleys in ballad mode  – no bad thing in my book!  Out now!