AGAPESOUL  is the musical alter ego of garlanded US bassist Darryl Anders and for his latest project he’s teamed up with an equally acclaimed artist – MAYSA LEAK.

The pair have just released the single ‘Nobody But You’ and you can be sure that the pairing of two stellar performers delivers the soul goods big time!  This ‘Nobody But You’’ is a swinging mid-tempo affair and, as you’d expect, Ms Leak’s performance is peerless. How come she can make everything sound so sweet and effortless? Anders delivers a slick production that starts with his bass while helping him out are star performers J. Holoman on keys, Aaron Haggerty on drums, Errol Cooney on guitar and Sara Williams on background vocals.

With ‘Nobody But You’ the team have crafted a top tune which  we believe is from an upcoming EP. Bring it on!