Grammy award-winning composer, conductor, orchestrator, curator and artist JULES BUCKLEY (no relation!) has announced the upcoming release of a new album, ‘The Breaks’. The set’s a collaboration with long-time collaborator and producer Chris Wheeler, the Heritage Orchestra and percussion collective Ghost-Note.

We’re told that the LP is Buckley’s celebration of the roots of hip-hop. To that end all 15 tracks on ‘The Breaks’ album are covers of classics that have been continuously mixed and sampled from the originals by people like  James Brown & The J.B’s, The Sugarhill Gang, Incredible Bongo Band, Lyn Collins, Zapp, Babe Ruth, Jimmy Castor Bunch, The Soul Searchers, Herman Kelly & Life, Kool & The Gang.

As a taster, the first single has just been released … it’s Jules’ take on the familiar ‘Apache’. Known by the soul, jazz, funk and hip-hop crowd in its Bongo Band version, it went onto be sampled and used continuously by all sort of artists across genres. Buckley offers a new spin on the tune which, of course, we all know was originally a hit in 1960 for Cliff Richard’s band, the Shadows.

Jules says: “It’s ace to finally release ‘Apache’ from the forthcoming ‘The Breaks’ album, which has been two years in the making with Chris, Heritage Orchestra, Ghost-Note and our incredible featured artists. We are raising the bar a little more in homage to the music that has helped define the Breaking scene and cemented its place as one of the four pillars of hip hop culture worldwide. ‘The Breaks’ are the sonic blueprint for the foundation of a scene that birthed hip hop. It’s an honour to share this collection of killer music with the world.”