STEVEN BAMIDELE is UK singer/songwriter of mixed race heritage. Born in Nigeria, his family moved to the UK when he was a youngster and he spent his formative years in Suffolk, before moving to Brighton.

In the summer his debut album ‘Summing Up’ won young Steven plenty of friends and now one of the set’s key cuts wins single release in a new remix. The new ‘un is ‘No One Said’ – a song about vulnerability and uncertainty about the future. The remix comes courtesy of producer and guitarist, EDBL (pronounced ed-bluh). Edbl (real name Ed Black) has more than 50 remixes to his name and he cites J Dilla as a major influence and that influence can be heard on his treatment of ‘No One Said’ – a melding of gentle hip-hop tempos with neo-soulful vibes with a very catchy hook. Out now via Tru Thoughts.