It was just June when we heard ‘The Truth’ from singer/producer D FOLKS. Though we tried hard we  couldn’t find out too much about Mr Folks save that he hails from Richmond, Virginia and on the strength of ‘The Truth’ we said that he’s a real soul contender with a lush and assured old school style and manner.

We also discovered that there was a D Folks album on the way, ‘1977’ (now there’s a clue to the man’s sound). No sign of the LP yet, but a new single’s just popped up… and ‘No One Else’ is every bit as good and soulful as ‘The Truth’. Once again the production’s down to Reginald Smith and good ‘ole Regg has really crafted something special. Can’t add much more save that this comes highly recommended and we look forward to the album… whenever that might be!