Latest release from ever-dependable LRK Records features a London band, TRAMBEAT. On their Bandcamp page they describe themselves as “an original South London soul, ska and rocksteady group” but on this upcoming LRK single, ‘Don’t Hold Back’, the emphasis in firmly on SOUL!

We’ve learned that Trambeat were formed in 2012 by guitarist Graham Potter and drummer Des “Jammy” James. Graham and Des had played together in several bands previously but  came together as Trambeat to deliver original songs that reflect their love for Northern Soul, Motown, Rocksteady and RnB. They recruited bass player Nipper Smith, saxophonists Robin Ogleby and Nadia Barbosa, and organist Emer O’Hanlon to form the band’s core while  the final piece in the Trambeat jigsaw was soulful vocalist Aimee Grinter.

Sadly sax man Robin Ogleby died during the pandemic and though the remaining band members issued a single and played festival gigs for Robin’s charities, they found it hard to create new music. After much heart and soul searching, the band eventually decided to shoulder on and the first   fruit of their “comeback” is the optimistic ‘Don’t Hold Back’ . It’s a busy, bustling tune with an infectious dance groove and though not quite Motown, it does show their love for that label’s music via its catchy hooks, lovely harmonies and soulful sax breaks. It’s a celebration of life… for sure don’t hold back – love life and cherish what you have while you have it. The band deliver with aplomb and Ms Grinter’s vocals are packed with enthusiasm!

TRAMBEAT’S ‘Don’t Hold Back’ is released via LRK on July 14th. Learn more @