Just last  month UK man about soul and Acid Jazz, CHRIS BANGS launched his own label CBI!. The release that kicked  things off was a lithe, lovely Latin groove ‘My Only’ from a collective known as NOVA VIDA (Portuguese for “New Life” we think… see above!). They consist of Brazilian chanteuse KLEI, Argentinian guitar ace FERMIN and Italian keyboard maven  ABRAMO RITI and between them they crafted  a lovely take on a tune that was originally released by French singer/actress  Danielle Brisbois which was also featured on the soundtrack of the Jack Nicholson movie, ‘As Good As It Gets’.

The  new take on the tune quickly proved popular and was played out regularly by the more savvy soul and jazz stations while knowing tastemakers praised its summery groove and optimism. Well, the good news is that Nova Vida’s ‘My Only’ has just been released on 7” vinyl by BDQ Records – today, 24th July in fact!  If you like this new-fangled music format, you’ll know stuff like this sells out quickly; thus go to to learn more!