A rare JACKSON 5 recording that only came to light in 2009 has finally won official, digital release. It’s a song called ‘Big Boy’ and it was recorded on 13th July 1967 – two years before ‘I Want You Back’. The recording was made at Chicago’s One-Derful Studios and it’s thought to be the first time  that Michael Jackon’s voice was recorded in a studio. It won release on the Gary, Indiana Steeltown label and enjoyed some local success. Over the years copies of the record have surfaced and are hugely collectable.

Sonically, this ‘Big Boy’ is a sweet, harmony ballad fronted by Michael’s easily identifiable vocal. Intrigued? You  can now purchase ‘Big Boy’ as part of a limited-edition release. This release is being done in collaboration with the song’s owner, Recordpool, and Swedish blockchain-based music and royalty marketplace anotherblock. A diligent web search will get you the info