PATRICIA VONNE is a US musician, actress and  award winning filmmaker who back in 2021 released the obligatory Christmas album, ‘My Favorite Holiday’. A song she recorded for the collection but which was left out of the final cut was ‘Christmas Is My Favourite Time of Year’. (above)

Maybe you won’t be surprised to learn that the song has just won a standalone single release. Ms Vonne says: ”It’s a song born out of reflection during the pandemic. It felt like Christmas was cancelled for two years and I’d had it! It was not finished in time for the release of my Christmas album “My Favorite Holiday” in 2021, which was recorded in 6 months, but I loved the song so much I was determined to release it on its own. It’s got an old school Christmas feel to it giving a nod to the great films of the 40’s and 50’s. I imagine myself sitting in a window like Judy Garland in ‘Meet Me in St. Louis’ but with a cup of cocoa and a cozy blanket.” 

The song is replete with Christmas clichés – winter wonderlands, children singing, bells  ringing, Santa on his way – the lot! However what makes the song a little more poignant is the opening:  “In this time of great uncertainty, there something can all agree it’s a special time of year we all hold dear”. God knows this is a time of “great uncertainty”  and maybe we can all do with some Christmas cheer.

Musically, Ms Vonne is a star on the Texas country/rock/ Americana circuit but the song has a naïve lounge jazz charm that might tempt you to investigate especially if you want to add a new Holiday song to your collection! Out now.